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An initial FREE consultation: sample

What to expect from your initial free consultation : sample

This first visit is key. It will determine if you are able to pursue a laser hair removal treatment.

Key Points of your initial consultation:

(Expect it to last 20 to 30 minutes)

1-     Upon arrival you will fill a questionnaire. (medical/surgical history and exposure to sun).

2-     Overview on laser function, hair cycle, your specific protocol, risks, side effects, practical measures before and after a laser session and skin analysis.

3-     Perform a test in laser room (with protective eyeglasses).

4-     Analysis of your test and comments,

5-     If your test is positive, your hair responds and your skin is fine, your estimate/consent form is prepared.

6-     An estimate/consent form is handed over to you. Two options:

a)      you want to perform your treatment right away, then you sign the document just before your session,

b)     you schedule your treatment at another time, then you will bring your form signed at your next appointment. A duplicate is handed to you anyway.

7-     Regardless of your treatment option, a consent form duplicate is always given to you so you have that document at home with you.

8-     You make your appointment for your first session. Expect a two-week lead-time in order to get the day and time of your choice. Wise people schedule their first 2 or 3 appointments at once, this way they don’t run into last minute panic with grown hair and don’t get into a packed appointment book at the laser center. In fact, laser centers of excellence are overwhelmed between February and July. It’s often quite hard to find a spot at the right time.

9-     In general, this first appointment is free of charge. In our centers, it’s the case. It lasts 20-30 minutes. You should know that the corresponding cost to the physician is about 90 €, so it’s a great value to obtain all the information about laser hair removal as a complimentary service. If this appointment yields to a standard medical exam (skin issue such as psoriasis or naevus or sun damage, etc…) your physician could request that a standard medical exam fee be charged. But, if it’s the case, he/she should tell you, clearly, that the visit is switching from an esthetic/laser hair removal topic to a medical one possibly at a cost. You should, at that point, be asked if you wish to pursue or not. A prescription could be handed over to you.

10-   Cosmetic care is very rarely covered by medical insurance. Some states impose state taxes on cosmetic care such as laser hair removal (i.e. New Jersey).