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Areas most often treated with a laser

Laser Hair Removal on the Bikini Line:

Today, a swimsuit is a fashion item. Some designer suits can ring up to 250 € ! Even if this type of suit is not for everyone, we all would like to have access to a hair removal technique that leaves our Bikini Line spotless….or hairless! It’s possible with laser. This is one of the areas where the best results are observed and quite rapidly during the treatment protocol. Shaving a bikini line is certainly rapid but how much worse is the new hair (darker, stronger and faster) and how many times during a summer do we need to go back at that bikini line. Some of us do it every single day! It’s a real punishment. Laser can free us up from our hair.

Better make sure that your bikini line is treated once and for all in order to make your future beach days a dream where you don’t have to worry about these ugly hairs around your Brazilian swimsuit. The bikini is among the top 3 areas requested by laser patients. It can be imitated to an area on the top of your thighs or go all the way down to a complete hair removal of the entire area down to the perinea space. We offer many designs to suit our patients’ needs and expectations.

A swimsuit area for men is quite popular as well, and many designs are available (please check price list on this site) Each patient will pick a " custom designed" bikini or swimsuit area during the initial first consultation.

Laser Hair Removal on the Underarms:

Can you remember the number of showers you haven’t shaved your underarms to make them feel smoother? Not exactly. Did you forget that day you wore that gorgeous shoulder less top that you had missed these unwanted hair under your arms? Panic attack! Your arms stayed glued to your body, it was embarrassing.

Laser is the ideal hair removal method for this area as well. It, and the bikini, work in sync in terms of hair cycle. It’s even the number one area for for laser hair removal patients. They usually begin here, it’s quick and affordable, and when they see the results, decide to go on with additional areas.

Laser Hair Removal for your Legs:


That’s every woman’s dream: to quit shaving or waxing her legs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. To stop carrying a razor or tweezers or creams on vacation or any place else. What a delight to be able to jump into these nice ultra thin pantyhose. That’s it, no more daily leg inspection!

Making Laser Hair Removal more accessible, treating your leg has become a necessary luxury, an ultimate choice to reach an unsurpassed level of tranquility, let’s say freedom. Since the skin surface of a pair of legs is quite large, the cost of such a surface will be amongst the highest. In order to fit every woman’s needs and budget, we divide a full leg into two sections: from ankle to knee = ½ leg and from the knee up to the bikini line: the thigh. Both, the ½ leg and the thigh, make a full leg. So women can pick the area they want and each session will cover that area. The session duration varies according to the laser equipment available in your center. In our center, a pair of ½ legs is treated in 40 minutes, a pair of Full legs in 1h10. Many centers usually offer Area Combos where it makes a « full leg » combo less expensive than a ½ leg plus a thigh treated separately. Anyhow, the best medical laser centers will offer you a Treatment Quote and Consent Form informing you on the price per session and on relevant scientific information before you begin your treatment protocol.

There is an area we tend to forget but that’s very easy to treat with a laser: the foot and its toes, think about it !

Laser Hair Removal on the Face:

Nothing is worse for a woman than having visible hair on her upper lip, chin or cheeks. Laser is rather a method of choice since it’s quick, simple and efficacious. These facial areas are small, the cost is consequently limited. It is necessary to remind women that facial hair may be caused by hormonal changes, in particular around menopause. Your laser physician will advise you in that case.image006

For men, the Laser is an attractive alternative to daily shaving, it eliminates skin irritations, ingrown hair and beard folliculitis.

Laser Hair Removal on your Back, Chest or Abdomen:

Men are now extremely conscious about their appearance and want to offer a pleasing body to their mate. Excess hair on a chest, back or abdomen can create an incomfortable situation in a loving relationship. Furthermore, athletic men who maintain a muscular body might want to show these muscles rather have them hidden behind a thick curtain of hair.