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Center’s Philosophy

As you have witnessed during your visit on this site, we are very attached to providing a full (probably too exhaustive, but more is never enough!), detailed and well balanced information. Our only goal is that you come out making your own decision, your own choice without all the marketing gloss on what service or care is best for you in laser and aesthetic medicine.

We are not trying to influence our readers in one direction or another. Our philosophy is based on what we, as customers, would like to get from a laser center if we were looking for one. In fact, we are our first customers since we use many of the services we offer. That’s why we are providing individuals interested in laser hair removal or in Restylane injections or in botulique toxin or Cellulite management a non-commercial more scientific or practical information, sometimes a bit caustic, sometimes a bit humoristic but never overboard or overselling. After all , we are entitled to the most helpful information since a) the cost is not marginal and b) we don’t want to get hurt.

Our efforts regarding information and communication are a direct reflection of our efforts towards safety and quality. We have removed all obstacles to reaching our quality goals by procuring the best lasers and products available on the market today for our centers. Nothing has been left to guessing or a maybe answer. The architectural design of our centers follows a safety and efficacy logic. The best skin cooling systems are in place such as air conditioning designs to fit our High Output Lasers. Our hygiene code is of the uttermost importance and everybody abides by it naturally.

Your satisfaction is our number one objective. Your experience in a Center of Excellence must be unique. Your laser hair removal session or your Restylane© or botulique toxin© injection or your peel must be a pleasurable moment to remember. The center’s atmosphere should be sophisticated, where you feel good, like in a cocoon, where you are welcomed with a smile and helped around. If you have questions, you get answers right away, even when you call the first time. We want to treat you the same way we would like to be treated within the same circumstances. It is our best display of dedication and commitment to your complete satisfaction.

We are passionately in love with what we do and would like to share with you that passion. Passion for a top rate service and high quality of care, a balanced information, a nice and caring team and a top rated laser center. We are at your service and would like to stay at it for a long time, if it’s your desire.

We thank you very much for taking the time to be with us today.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.