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1 - Suntan: t are varic:

Wait until your tan has faded. Refrain from using UV salons during your laser hair removal program.

The sun is not your skin’s best friend. A sunscreen will be necessary on all areas you treat. A minimum 40 SPF is best.

The best period to do a laser hair removal program: all year if you don’t plan on getting tanned or avoid August/early September.

2 - Medications:

a. Photo-sensitizing agents: antibiotics (tetracyclines) and/or quinolones. Corticoids, immunosuppressive agents

b. Some hormonal treatments

3 - Self tanning creams::

Stop 6-8 weeks prior to your laser hair removal program.

4 - Pregnancy:

avoid the bikini line during pregnancy

5 - Some skin diseases

(if Herpes: use Zovirax, 8 weeks prior). 

6 – Some skin allergies

(i.e. allergies to cold, heat or sun).