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How can I get rid of my wrinkles?

This is not our fate!

Why should we be so worried when a fine line appears on our forehead or jaw ? Is it more like a deep wrinkle quite visible and one that makes us feel less desirable? Well, it’s part of our aging process, we need to accept it; but we could also prevent these lines from becoming so deep where our derm becomes so broken that these lines are showing our angry look or our “pleated” face. To those who see fate, well so be it. For those who want to minimize the effects of aging, there is a solution. Simple tools, either derm fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen injections, or chemical peels are within your reach and in the hands of your Aesthetic Doctor!


We lose 6% of our skin thickness every 10 years. Around 40, some fine lines become deeper and will show even more as facial expressions worsen the process. This may provoke anxiety, but a simple hyaluronic acid injection or a Botulinum Toxin injection could bring back a smoother skin appearance.


Don’t panic! Devices made available by manufacturers to your Aesthertic consultant or dermatologist are more and more effective and reliable bringing tangible results and satisfaction to many very pleased clients. Common sense and precaution dictates that only proven and approved products be used. Ask your Aesthetic consultant some advice of what is best for you to prevent your wrinkles from worsening.

Why ?

The key derm components that get thinner as we age are collagen fibers. Some others like hyaluronic acid are slowly metabolized by enzymes such as the hyaluronidase. The thick derm we get at birth by getting thinner as we age, will make the skin more fragile in areas where folds and lines, created by our facial expressions, are naturally occurring. With the aging process, the fat in our face will follow gravity and move downward. The bottom line is: our face is often marked by two long wrinkles going from our nose to our mouth (naso-genian/labial) fold and by fine lines on the external side of our eyes (crow’s feet). On the top of our face, horizontal lines on our forehead and vertical lines on each side of our mouth towards the chin give our face a sad look. It’s never too late to take action. You could consult you local Aesthetic Center of Excellence for the appropriate solution.


Today, you have many techniques, most of them are non-surgical, capable of correcting your facial lines and deeper wrinkles.

1- Medical : non-permanent fillers

2- Medical : permanent fillers

3- Medical : Botulinum Toxin (botulique toxin). It is not a filler and is used only for upper areas on the face (forehead, crow’s feet, unibrow space or “lion’s frown”)

4- Medical : Resurfacing Erbium Laser/CO2 Laser (skin is vaporized, 3 months follow-up) or Photorejuvenation NdYag LP laser (skin is intact and pink) or Dye Pulsed Laser (blue spots for one week) or Flash Lamp (skin is intact and pink).

5- Surgical : lifting, classic or midlle 1/3rd

The first 3 techniques use fine needles for intradermal injections (fillers) and intra-muscular one for botulique toxin). Fillers may require a local anesthesia for increased comfort. These 3 techniques are not cutting the dermis so they should not create scars.

CostFillers are expensive. Restylane® (and Perlane® ), FDA approved, is manufactured in Sweeden. Collagens are usually manufactured in the US. They tend to be cheaper. Botulinum Toxin is expensive too and is manufactured both in the US (Allergan) and in Europe (Ipsen).

A wrinkle filling session using one 1ml syringe should cost between 395 € and 495 € in a Center of Excellence. This cost could run up to 800 € if you require more than one syringe. Your center should be able to provide you with a written estimate before you make your decision. Session duration is usually 30 minutes.

A botulique toxin filling session (depending on the amount of product used) should cost between 400 € and 500 €. A session usually lasts 30 minutes. Some people may require more to achieve standard results.

More Info

The 3 major filler categories are:

a) Collagen

b) Hyaluronic Acid

c) Permanent Fillers

Botulinum toxin (botulique toxin) is neither an implant nor a filler. To learn more about botulique toxin please click on Botulinum Toxin or botulique toxin