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How to avoid traps? new!

Be Careful about unprofessional attitudes or misleading ones!

In your search of the perfect laser center, you should be aware of some interesting but quite unprofessional attitudes, especially in areas where competition is fierce. The following recommendations are based on observed behaviors.

1/The use of flash lamps or IPLs and stating that the center does “Laser” Hair Removal.

It’s fraudulent. Please ask what type of equipment is used.

Here are some Flash Lamp names or manufacturers: Epilight, Quantum, Palomar, Deka, Syneron (this one says it has radiofrequency).

Furthermore, flash lamps come in wavelengths closer to UVs than other systems. There could be an increased risk of melanoma activation.

Finally, it would be unacceptable to pay laser prices when in fact a flash lamp is used. Flash lamps are three times cheaper than lasers. Flash lamps provide longterm hair removal when lasers obtain permanent hair removal

2/Your operator is an assistant or a laser technician.

Make sure your laser was set by a laser physician or that he/she wrote the laser settings in your chart ahead of time.

3/ An assistant or technician who shows her own bikini line to give you an idea of what to expect.

Some people would go to extreme lengths to sell something. In a laser center of Excellence it’s totally unacceptable.

4/ Prepaying several sessions all at once.

Seen as convenient, it’s still a big expense all at once. So, as in many medical or dental offices, you should pay after each session. Some centers offer discounts if you pay upfront for your entire laser program. It feels like a beauty parlor!

5/ Promotional Offers:

If you feel it’s too good to be true…it probably is! In a center loaded with promos, quantity may be more important than quality.

6/ Check the way you are welcomed: a) over the phone first, b) at the site:

- Is it in a basement?

- Where you welcomed with a smile?

- Is the team willing to provide as much info as you need?

- Is a laser physician handling your initial visit?

- Is your initial appointment at least 30 minutes long and is it FREE? If not, try another center.

7/ Are you given a full and detailed information

During the initial free appointment, an estimate and a consent form should be delivered to you. You should get two copies of that document, the copy you sign goes back into your chart, the second signed by the center stays with you. Finally, a patch test should be performed to make sure your skin is laser compatible.

Good search !