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New lasers

The Alexandrite (wavelength of 755nm)

nouveaux lasers

In 2011-12, the best results are obtained with laser hair removal Alexandrite lasers as the all-new Cynosure Elite MPX or Apogee 9300, the Colossus of laser hair removal, or even the powerful Candela GentleMax which has two wavelengths, 755nm and 1064nm.

These equipments, considered the best available at this time should be part of the technical center you are addressing. These lasers are associated with a cold forced air unit to cool the skin which increases the level of security for it.

best centers in the world are equipped. With these lasers they find the efficiency, power, speed and patient comfort. Since their arrival and installation requires a water outlet and an air conditioning unit, it can not be present in all centers. Check with your center to see if it is equipped with state of the art of these lasers.

The Nd: YAG (wavelength 1064 nm)

New Nd YAG lasers of 1064 nm "long pulse", available since the early 2000s, helped push the barriers of laser hair removal, especially in individuals with dark skin or black. These new lasers are Cynosure Apogee Elite type or Candela GentleYAG GentleMax or better yet the two wavelengths.

These lasers are used to treat certain vascular lesions such as spider veins on the legs, or facial télangecatsies, these small superficial veins spider, blue or red, which are frankly ugly.

Ask your laser physician if equipped with this type of laser if you are considering laser hair removal and you are dark or black skin.
The other hair removal lasers are sometimes used: ruby lasers, laser diodes.

WARNING: some centers to boast of "laser hair removal" with devices using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is playing on a confusion. The Intense Pulsed Light are NOT LASERS itself. The experience of many lasers around the world shows that these facilities are not as reliable as lasers, their results are often mild and, in the long run, the sessions are more expensive.