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How the hair grows ?



Our hair starts, grows and dies according to a cycle that depends on the body area where it’s located. Laser is not the first permanent hair removal technique that arrived on earth. The first was electrolysis or electric needle. So for more than three decades the electrolysis specialists have studied the hair cycle and came to some key conclusions and analyses.

çAmong all hair cycle phases, only one will let us kill the hair permanently. The Anagen phase. It’s the growing phase where the hair is not only appearing at the edge of the skin at the top of the hair shaft (made of the same skin as the one we have outside our body) but, at its bottom, it is ended by a large follicle in which little blood vessels arrive, and skin is attached to. This follicle, during the anagen phase, harbors a dermis papilla, also called a “hair factory”. If heat comes down the hair to that follicle, it will destroy the dermis papilla or hair factory and no more hair will grow at the bottom of that shaft. Once the growing phase is fininshed, the follicle becomes a bulb no longer attached to anything.During all the other phases, the follicle has died and was let go from all the little blood vessels and the skin. The hair, now dead, ended by a bulb, is being slowly expulsed from its shaft. Heat coming down these hairs will not destroy and dermis papilla. Why? Because there is no contact between the bulb of an old hair and an eventual new hair being produced down, under that shaft at the papilla level. That dying hair will in fact burn and be expulsed but a new hair will come anyway some weeks or months later. That’s why we need more than one session to come to a definitive result and often on a long period of time depending on where the hair is located. The overall length of the hair cycle will define the length of your treatment.


During your initial free consultation your laser physician will explain in detail your treatment protocol according to the hair cycles of the areas you want to treat. He/she will tell you how long each interval between session will last defined by the anagen phase duration on these areas.


1) Phase Growing Phase, called Anagen phase lasts from a few weeks on a chin to several months on a bikini or on underarms. The amount of hair in that phase depends on the body area where it’s located. About 30% on bikini for example. That’s why we need several sessions to get rid of hair permanently there. It is during that phase that the hair is the most sensitive to laser treatment.


2) Dying or Regression Phase (catagen), with a duration varying according to the hair location. Laser will burn this hair but it yields no permanent destruction since the « hair factory » has not been hit.


3) Resting Phase (telogen phase), with a duration varying according to the hair location. At the end of that phase the old hair is expulsed and falls off. A new hair is being produced underneath and soon a new hair cycle will begin.