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Our team

- Postgraduate degree in Aesthetic Medicine from the National College of Aesthetics Medicine

Furthermore, they attend annual meetings and scientific conferences in Laser Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine and Dermatology.

The most effective and most recent lasers are in our centers for your satisfaction and comfort. Our treatments are performed with lasers that have received FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approval and the EEC Health

Ministries certification for the following indications:

- Permanent or long term Hair Removal

- Varicose veins removal (spider veins)

- Superficial red and blue veins removal (face and legs)

- Cellulite removal

- Photo-rejuvenation

Our medical team’s multiple areas of expertise allow our centers to offer a wide array of services ranging from laser hair removal to botulique toxin® or Restylane® injections or from varicose veins removal to chemical peels applications and cellulite management. We insist on providing our clients with the most exhaustive information, describing our treatments in detail and in particular all associated side effects or complications. We listen to our clients very attentively and bring them high quality services at an affordable cost.

Our physicians have signed and abide by our Quality credo which follows articles from the International Aesthetics Medicine Society, inspired by the great Hippocrates’ Oath, basis for an ageless ethics code in medicine.

Finally, our team obtains Continuing Medical Education credits on an annual basis by regularly attending conventions and conferences both in the US and abroad. Our members belong to the following scientific and/or professional organization:



Their degrees and diplomas are displayed in our centers.