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Pros and Cons about botulique toxine

Just because it is an FDA approved product does not mean it is right for you.

Ask yourself : am I ready ?

Botulique toxine injections have become so common that we lose sight of an important step. A question you should ask yourself before you go to your favorite Aesthetic Center. Do I really need it? It is the number one cosmetic procedure, OK. Risks are minimal but there are a few that could happen. We should weigh the advantages versus the drawbacks. We will need an injection every 3 or 4 months and at some point it may not work anymore. The media have reported on it a thousand times, many actors and actresses use it, my neighbor uses it, so why not me? Well, take a half-hour to talk about it and if you really need it, if your skin shows a few annoying lines on your face, so it probably needs it.

If your objective is to smoothen your skin while making your facial expressions significantly less visible, you will be very happy. You might want to target a specific area, where your face looks a bit angry or sad or where it has the most lines, your forehead. It will provide you with tangible results within 3 to 5 days.

Doses used are so minuscule that there is no immediate danger but a little error in injection site and you will have a dropping eyelid or, on the opposite, a hat shaped eyebrow. It will be temporary but still you will be the one concerned about it.

The best is when your entourage tells you that you look good or younger or when you are asked that you changed and they can’t tell what you did ! For some people, it is just a question of staying in the game. With all these young faces around , how can I stay ahead if I look tired. Staying competitive may just be a botulique toxine injection away. But be careful, it is not water. It is important you know what is best for yourself.

Finally, it is also worth knowing that botulique toxine may not work at all. Some wrinkles are not muscle dependant. For example, the naso-genian/labial folds (from nose to mouth) are not appropriate targets for botulique toxine . They are the number one targets for fillers (Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen).