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Sylvia, 43 years-old, General Manager :

« Laser Hair Removal gave me my freedom back. I don’t constantly worry about my legs. Shaving was a real problem. What impressed me the most was the lack of itching and that my ingrown hair was gone. Now my skin is smooth and always clean. Frequent shaving and waxing had irritated my skin to a point where it had become very sensitive. I should have switched to laser much sooner. The results are great. »

Nancy, 41, Nurse :

« This treatment changed my life. My hair was quite thick on my chin a little less on my upper lip. After 4 sessions, I could notice a dramatic change on my face. Your approach according to the hair cycle is the answer. My hair is now gone and I must admit, your team is very professional, thanks to all of you. »

Christa, 28, Management Consultant :

« Laser was perfect for me. I liked it so much because the results came right away. The difficulty was to manage the hot needle sensation during treatment. Last summer I went out and was no longer ashamed to wear a bikini (I finally bought a fancy Brazilian one!). For years I wore nothing but short pants. It got my confidence back. A few minutes of discomfort are worth the outcome. One great thing: I no longer have these little red ingrown hair marks on my thighs. This is much better than wax!»

Valerie, 40 , Housewife :

« I no longer have these red marks after shaving on the bikini line. The laser doc who took care of me was very nice and a model of professionalism. He was so caring and patient. He took care of my treatment after explaining everything and he made sure I had put a topical anesthetic before treatment. What I liked best was the very relaxing environment of your center. I felt taken care of. Although a bit sensitive, I just felt some heat during the session. It was over at the end. I was very impressed by the speed of the machine. I recommended your center to my friends and they’re all dying to come to your center. »

Michael, 35, Financial Analyst :

« Laser hair removal was, for me, very convenient. Your team is caring and cordial. My treatment management was perfect and the information provided was comprehensive. It shows that you like what you are doing, it puts people at ease with this technique. A very positive experience. I am more confident in my physical appearance.»

Jennifer, 27, Medical School Student :

«I tried everything. Shaving, waxing, tweezers, even electrolysis. Nothing convinced me. When I saw what you offered, quality at great prices, I jumped into laser. I got rid of my embarrassing hair on the face and chest. I should have done it earlier.»

Robert, 46, Computer Programmer :

« Being very sensitive, I was nervous about laser. I am now totally convinced by looking at the results. The little pain is manageable but the most astonishing is that I now want to do new areas. I should have done laser when I was younger, I would have a little less white hair! Your professionalism is exemplary. Thanks doc!»

Elizabeth S., 44, Director, Public Relations :

« Being in the fashion and advertising world, I have to be careful about my physical appearance. Laser hair removal was a reliable and a rapid method to achieve a top-notch result. I didn’t like the sensations similar little hot needles, but I got used to them. Anyway, once the session is over, I feel great. After my legs are done, I need to come back for your center specialty, the Top Model Bikini, it’s a cool one!»

Theresa, 37, Interior Designer :

« I should have started 10 years ago. I am finally happy to wear sleeveless tops, and above all to wear a bikini. A stopped wearing those 8 years ago, I only had one-piece suits. This is probably one of my best decisions in life, a step I recommend to my friends now. Thanks for taking the time to explain everything to me (by the way your web site is one of the best in the country!). Your team is very professional and puts us at ease with our fears. Au revoir! »