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The Truth on Laser Hair Removal: The 3 Myths

Myth No1: Guaranteed results of a Laser Hair Removal program :

It is impossible to predict the exact result that a patient will get. It is impossible to tell an exact number of sessions needed to obtain permanent hair removal. It is impossible to guarantee the results of a laser hair removal program. Guarantees given or advertised on laser hair removal programs are frauds or made out of pure incompetence. The degree of treatment progression will be assessed at each session.

Myth N°2: Rebates offered on multi-session programs:

Centers of Excellence dedicated to Laser Hair Removal and in general, centers with an excellent reputation in Laser / Aesthetic medicine don’t use rebates or discounts and never advertise such behavior. Clients know that these centers offer them high quality, discretion and premium professional service in a sophisticated environment. These centers of excellence are so sought after that they don’t need promotions to attract people, they are entirely focused on providing the best quality of care for their clients’ complete satisfaction. The internet may just be their only window on the world to make sure that the best and most balanced information is available.

Myth No 3: Laser Hair Removal has a limited efficacy.

Contrairement aux avis formulés par ceux qui n’appréhendent pas complètement la technologie des lasers actuels, l’épilation laser est efficace sur la grande majorité des patients lorsContrary to the opinion formulated by some who do not perfectly apprehend the physics behind a modern laser machine, Laser Hair Removal is efficacious for the great majority of people when it’s performed according to the hair cycle by experienced and competent physicians who set their lasers to deliver the appropriate amount of laser light onto your hair. The only limitations are blond, white and red hair as well as suntan.